Syton AH 130
Unleash the power

The ultimate fun turbine helicopter, Syton is the easier, versatile two-seater light helicopter in the market.
Syton is powered by a high-performance gas turbine with FADEC, which provides power, reliability in hot and high altitude conditions.
The low running costs and immediate spare parts availability just complete the astonishing features of this unique helicopter.


  • SYTON AH-130
  • BCAR VLH (in progress)


Technical data

Turboshaft gas turbine
Power 160 hp
Approved fuel Jet A-1
(with auxiliary fuel tank)
180 l
2-blade carbon fiber
Max level speed 210 km/h
Cruise speed 185 km/h
Max endurance 3.5 h
Max range
(with auxiliary fuel tank)
600  km
Best climb rate 1,600 ft/min
Hover ceiling in ground effect 3,500 m (11,480 ft)
Hover ceiling out of ground effect 3,000 m (9,840 ft)
Payload up to 170 kg
MTOW up to 600 kg
FADEC System
Conventional dual control
Auxiliary battery connector
Body fairing
Landing gear fairing
Fuel tank 110 l
Luggage capacity 90 l
Handling wheels
Canopy cover
Leather interiors
Sticker livery
Essential tool case
Flight and maintenance manual
Air speed indicator
Main rotor RPM
Hour counter
Exhaust gas temperature
Torque gauge
Frame pressure gauge
Gearbox oil pressure gauge
Alternator alarm
Low fuel alarm
Low RPM alarm
Auxiliary fuel tank 72 l
Cabin heater
Cargo hook
Landing light
Nav/strobe lights
Funke-Trig radio
Funke-Trig transponder
AvMap-Garmin GPS
UL – Experimental